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He hasn't resorted to sex, foul language or indecent material to lure viewers unlike many other youtubers or like corporate media channels do frequently. He's earned every drop of this success and yeah I'm bummed it's not me, but hey, I'm glad it's someone on our team. Youtube are very good at encouraging their young stars with conventions, putting them on the front page and promoting them.If I were a parent, I'd be much more comfortable with my kids watching Joey Graceffa than watching some garbage on MTV or corporate media brainwashing. Frankly, I can't think of another single You Tuber who I'd see this success go to other than Joey. For those of you who are not aware, someone leaked a picture of a page from his book from someone who worked in the bookstore and chapter 14 "Surprise" has only two words which I will now plagiarize. I don't have the link but I'm sure you can find it pretty easy in a search or just go to your local book store (if you still have one of those) on tuesday and see for yourself. Joey trying to minimize the backlash just came out "officially" on a video today. That's the real reason why some Youtubers have multiply channels and are always uploading something, even if it's just them walking down the street.I just poked through this thread and watched the first few seconds of a few of these things, before the bile rose too high. Do people really film their daily lives and benchmarks and just put them on You Tube? How could you "tell" that Troye was really into Tyler? Troye on the other hand gained his fame through Tyler, there's no way he would have had the success he has today without Tyler, so he can thank him for that. I get that people are bitterly jealous but I don't get why more people aren't proud of him here.

And now they've both traveled to Perth, where Troye is from. I'll be surprised if they ever come out as a couple (even though it's obvious that they are one)...of course! Joey says that confessing his homosexuality felt like he was validating the bullies that tormented him.

I think they're the only gay You Tubers that I like. I don't know anyone who has ever had the cops called on them and I certainly don't know anyone who has gone to jail for it. That said, I'm grateful that You Tube (and all social media) didn't exist when I was a teenager.

I don't know how I discovered them but I'm very happy that I did. I would have gotten into so much trouble, I probably wouldn't have made it to adulthood. I tend to avoid Youtubers such as Davey Wavey or Matthew Lush because they seem unable to scape the sterotyping of homosexual people.

Too many music videos with beautiful straight people kissing. Interesting that Will and RJ are not congratulating that famewhore Joey Graceffa. There's some good stuff on Youtube, but it's getting harder to find it. I stopped watching William & Ricardo for a few days and now they are making spousal abuse videos! I guess this explains why their friends stopped visiting them for a while. They'll continue with Youtube, but it's not enough as an income on its own.[quote] [R189], yes, but you need millions of views. Her boyfriend( more of an "ex" now lol ) must be feeling like good for Ingrid for coming out as a full blown "lesbian." She could have easily said something like "I'm Bi.

Now we finally have a whopping one whole music video with a beautiful gay couple kissing and he's being widely accepted and lauded by millions of young people. They got in trouble for criticizing another youtuber for doing the very same thing. No offence to Will but I always thought that with his size and uhmm carriage he would be able to take down RJ. Wren, Davey Waey, Suzy, and Neil barely come over now on days. RJ and Will are not making enough, they've said they have to go looking for "normal" jobs again. But seriously, I'm certain I watched a video of theirs a long time ago where he was talking about being a TA and working on his masters in some kind of math or science. What a difference between her coming out and that grotesque creature Joey Graceffa. "Obviously she'll have a bit of a backlash because the fraus thought she was one of them. Will and RJ, those two are a HOT MESS , but I enjoy their daily vlogs. I just wish they would come forward with their open relationship. Definitely not enough of them..they're so adorable and quirky and polite. - https:// Hey There Anth - https:// There Anth Jesse Duke - https:// Dukee Michael Rizzi - https:// The Platypus The Knoxxtyle - https:// Knoxxtyle Zack Facts - https:// Facts Any recommendations?

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