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Indefinitely extrapolating this trend would lead one to conclude warfare will soon be nothing but people sitting in their spacecrafts launching missiles at one another. CIWS point defense systems are already starting to shift the balance away from missile strikes.

As suggested in an earlier blog post, military strategists are even beginning to suggest the development of CIWS systems may bring naval warfare full circle, all the way back to World War I battleship warfare. Indeed, enormous salvos of missiles are effective at overwhelming CIWS systems, and they are in game as well.

In game, you won’t be aiming any weapons and firing them, nor will you be flying drones around.Final, misconception, wouldn’t computers just control everything in combat? CIWS systems are already computer controlled, and all weapon aiming is similarly already controlled by the computer in game.Anything that has easily computable maxima are solved by computers in game.Of course, maybe taking out of the enemy’s engines is more your style, the rocket nozzles being flimsy and poorly armored to allow them to gimbal easier.Plus, a ship that can’t move or dodge is a much easier target.

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