Rain dating jeon ji hyun

The English word scandal implies I think something shameful. Rumors are just it Rain and Jeon is young and single, if they feel like dating so be it.

He stated that if he was dating someone he would protect their privacy.

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The latest romance scandal to hit the internet features two top stars, Rain and Jeon Ji-hyun, and the reports, mixed with speculation, are coming fast and furious.

Because you here other stories about kstars dating, and even knocking each other up, and it's not a big deal ie The Voice But other stars are rumored to be involved in much more innocuous relationships and it's a career-ending national disaster. Pretty Girls in Tight Dresses 52 pics Category: Girls 27 Aug, Views: Leonardo Di Caprio is dating a.

I'm just really confused as what the dividing line is. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long hiding under an umbrella.

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These busybodies should just mind their own business and get a life. I am European and I don't understand why in KDramas and real life when a Korean celebrity dates someone it is considered a scandal? But this one, I don't get it, I really don't understand the logic. I really don't think that Rain dating anyone including Jeon would cause a scandal.

They avoided seeing each other on Fridays and Saturdays when Rain would record performances for music programs, and afterward they would meet on Sunday nights.

Before Rain left for the MTV Movie Awards that took place just last week, he reportedly visited Jeon at her home, and prior to heading toward her place, he circled the neighborhood several times to check that he wasn’t being observed. ) have also pointed out that Rain wears a ring that is very similar to the bracelet Jeon wears from the same jewelry line, and suspect that those are their “couple accessories.” Meanwhile, Rain’s entertainment company, J Tune, issued a denial, saying that the ring is not a couple ring and that there is no truth to the rumors.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around the whole "OMG! If they like each other and are single, then whatever. Javabeans can more clearly clarify this for everyone, but I'll try to briefly explain it here since so many people seem confused about it in the above comments. When stars date, there's the assumption that they're sleeping together, especially the longer they remain a couple.

Don't assume that Koreans use the English words exactly how they are defined in the dictionary! But if they don't marry each other and end up breaking up, the female in the relationship may be viewed as "unpure" or "tainted" by some portion of the population.

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