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Adam Santos is hot and he knows it, and so he takes fully advantage of it.

He moves around the room, making sure we get a full frontal of his huge hard dick and he gets in front of a mirror, he starts playing with himself, seeing his hot reflection in the mirror.

the first thing he does as the warm water runs down is body is to caress that nice cock and get it big and hard.

He was super horny and he could barely wait to get around to stroke it fast and hard.

Tango as you can see was on a cruise boat and he kind of got in the mood to be naughty.

And so he started to strip for the cameras showing that simply superb and tanned muscled body of his.

Told it will some wonderful minutes Well Jorge packs a pretty big and thick cock and you can pretty much bet that he is really proud of it too.

Today he gets some alone time in the shower and as the cameras follow him you get to see him take his nice and long shower as he gets to play around with himself as well.

But Jozo also wants his share of feeling some pleasure and so he crams his huge hard cock into his friend’s mouth and Peter does not let him down.Well either way you are going to want to see more and more of this stud soon.And you can rest assured that he will be making a superb comeback with an amazing and fresh update once more.Sit back and enjoy his jerk off session and see him masturbating until he blows his load in the shower.We hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next time! Tango manavenue is back with a brand new photo shoot. In this latest bearfilms we see him on a yacht, tanning his perfect body and of course he just couldn’t help touching himself, cause his cock is just so yummi.

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